interstellar ukulele

Interstellar Theme For Ukulele

If you follow Ukulele Go on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know that I was blown away by a ukulele version of the theme from Interstellar recently. Read on to get the tab…

The rather brilliant Interstellar score was produced by Hans Zimmer (who else) and the first thing you should do is check out this performance on a Risa stick (sadly Santa didn’t bring me one for Christmas) before you start learning.

I got in touch with 이기석 (hopefully I’ve got that name correct) and he very kindly sent me his tabbed version. Google Translate helped us through the language barrier.

Low G

The tab is for a low g ukulele and if I’m honest I restrung my Outdoor Ukulele Tenor to low g just so I could play this song. It’s the first time since I started playing ukulele that I’ve restrung to low g.

Interstellar Tab

The tab isn’t overly difficult to play. Watch for the 3/4 timing and you should be ok. Keep a steady count throughout tapping your foot to keep the rhythm.

interstellar ukulele

Interstellar Ukulele Tab PDF

Grab my free Ukulele Go! beginners pack.

10 thoughts on “Interstellar Theme For Ukulele

  1. Thanks for the tabs Dave, I was looking for it on YT but didn’t find it! This sound made me feel to play ukulele, but I confess that I don’t know what to choose to play various pieces of music: soprano seems to be very small, concert or tenor .. what do you think about this..? Thank you in advance for ur answer, and sorry for my bad english : )

    1. I would like to play tracks like this track or for example TWD on your website ( I saw several sites which recommanded the Concert Ukulele for beginners, while others recommended the contrary. I saw that the soprano gave sounds more acute/shrill than its brothers, it is really small (too small?). I confess that I am a little lost and I ‘m afraid to regret my choice :/ Can someone help me please?

      1. I think what Arjan means is that the second half of Part C bears little resemblance to the tab. I’ve discarded the tab and I’m just watching the video to see what he’s doing at this point.

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