Blank Ukulele Song Sheet

Blank Ukulele Song Sheet

Hot on the heels of my blank ukulele tab sheet, I’ve created a ukulele song sheet. I realised that not everyone will want to tab every note of every song and that a song sheet might be more useful for a lot of ukulele players out there.

A blank song sheet is a more difficult challenge. You can’t anticipate space for where the verse switches to a chorus or any other change in the structure of the song. You can’t have an infinite number of chord boxes. Well anyway, this is what I came up with. I’ve allowed 10 empty chord boxes which seems like a reasonable amount. For those songs that will easily swallow up 10 chord boxes I’m assuming that you won’t need to mark down how to play basic open chords. And for those that aren’t familiar with the basics 10 should be enough.

In terms of spacing, you can leave empty lines, add additional notes. I don’t know, use it how you see fit. I hope it helps!

Download The Blank Ukulele Song Sheet

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3 thoughts on “Blank Ukulele Song Sheet

    1. Hey Andreas, I didn’t realise the calendar was yours – I actually just downloaded it last night. It’s brilliant, really well put together. I love the illustration of Al from Ukulele Hunt – do you mind me asking who did that one?

  1. Was looking for a uku Tab sheet on google images, found one that looked really good, clicked, and realize it is you. I LOVE your youtube channel!!

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