Ukulele Blank Tab Sheet

Blank Ukulele Tab Sheet

Includes reentrant and baritone versions

I keep looking at different tab apps for my mac, downloading the trial and then deciding that I don’t actually want to learn more software so I thought “what’s wrong with using the old pen and paper?” Nothing I decided and quickly whipped up some blank tab sheets.

So here’s the Ukulele Go! blank tab sheet. I’ve kept them really simple and coloured the lines up in a light grey so that you can write over the top of them and read what you’ve written. Also it shouldn’t use too much of your printer ink, which seems to be crazy expensive whenever I need to buy any.

I hope you find them useful, I’ve printed a bunch of them out so I have them handy whenever I’m playing.

If you’re not crazy about tabbing out full songs, you might find my blank ukulele song sheet more useful.

Note: Following a recent comment from Beth I’ve created a baritone version too, link below.

Download the blank ukulele tab sheet

Download the blank baritone ukulele tab sheet

Grab my free Ukulele Go! beginners pack.

29 thoughts on “Blank Ukulele Tab Sheet

  1. Instead of “Artist” it would be more logical to have “Composer” as is the custom in most other sheet music. There is usually only one composer, but all kinds of artists sing a song like, say, White Xmas.

  2. Thankyou for the Tab Sheet Dave, the best one yet. The others have time signature 4/4 on them, and no string names.

    Irish dance has anything from 4/4 to 9/8, and the rest.

    Now to investigate your website.

  3. Brand new Uke player here, and this is exactly what I need to help me memorize the things I learn from watching videos 🙂

    This is a spectacular resource. Thanks

  4. It is great looking but when I write exercises out for my students the string lines do not show up when I try to make copies. I tried color printing and still doesn’t work. Any suggestions? thanks

  5. I’m a music teacher and was so thankful to find this to help my students, thank you!! If you do one in the future for baritone uke, I would be grateful as well! Thank you so much! 🙂

  6. Hi Great site.

    Only thing is the baritone blank sheet is the same as the standard one as someone else pointed out as in it’s not for baritone:-)

  7. The baritone ukulele song sheet has the soprano ukulele string names. The baritone sheet should read DGBE from bottom to top.

  8. I was after the baritone tab sheet but as someone else as said on here it just pulls up the GCEA sheet.

  9. First and foremost…THANK YOU for this fantastic resource! For FREE! Generous folks like you don’t come around everyday. No criticism from me! Just THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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