Oxygene Part IV by Jean Michel Jarre Ukulele Cover

Here’s a quick video I recorded last night of me attempting to play Oxygene Part IV by Jean Michel Jarre. This, like the Father Ted cover that I posted last week is based on another great tab from Al at Ukulele Hunt.

As always, it’s not perfect – I’ve sort of lost the melody a little bit as I’m not playing the quiet notes quietly enough. This was in fact semi-deliberate though as my iPhone doesn’t pick up audio all that well – I have to boost the sound by 400% in iMovie to get it to a respectable volume level. I also accidentally threw in an extra note┬ájust before breaking into the switch to Journey of the Sorcerer/Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy too and screwed a bit of the timing up. I sort of got away with it though. Sort of.

Anyway, I hope you like it – it’s a lot of fun to play and really got me playing my fake strums a hell of a lot better.

Go check out the tab for yourself (and watch Al Wood play it a lot better than I do) at Ukulele Hunt!

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