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Ukulele Round Up – 20 Feb 2015

Good ukulele people, it’s Friday round-up time – what’s been going on in the wonderful world of the ukulele this week? Let me tell you…

Titch The Clown shows us how to make a ukulele using a pocket knife

Ever wanted to control an AR Drone with a ukulele? Nah, me neither.

George Elmes made a great video comparing his $20 Mahalo against his $1000 Kiwaya KTS-7. No doubt which one was better, but it makes for an interesting watch and George is a great player too.

The Quiet American are husband and wife duo Aaron and Nicole Keim. They’ve produced a ukulele handbook which is available to pre-order. It looks lovely too.

Kim Dang is making a new ukulele every month this year, check out what he’s made so far…

That’s about it for this week, it’s been a slow one in the world of ukuleles. If you’re doing anything interesting with a ukulele and would like to be part of the round up then drop me a tweet.

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