Ukulele Round Up – 3 April 2015

It’s been a while since I did a round up, that’s mostly because I realised it wasn’t really possible to do one every week – there’s just not enough ukulele stuff out there! Anyway, the round up is back with random frequency from now on… are having another great competition, this time to win a Moselele Electro Concert Ukulele (great prize). Head on over to Gotaukulele’s website to find out how to enter.

How about the chance to win an all solid Mango cutaway electro-acoustic Big Island ukulele? The lovely chaps at Southern Ukulele Store are giving one away!

Omega Music‘s new website went live, and they’ve got a very tempting secret deals page on it.

Ukulele Underground launch a Kickstarter for a Uke with an ultra wide neck? The upload date says March 31st, but it’s a bit too close to April 1st for my liking 🙂

How about some old school chord intro from Ukulele Hunt?

The Ukulele Independence Party were hoping to get in on the election action but it turned out the name was a bit too similar to UKIP.

Southern Ukulele Store have released a new online discount code. Use the code leaningonthelamppost to bag yourself a 10% discount!

Grab my free Ukulele Go! beginners pack.

2 thoughts on “Ukulele Round Up – 3 April 2015

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I don’t think UU will ever top that year they said Aldrine had signed to a major label and all evidence of him had been removed from the site. Even I got worried email about that one!

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