Lazy Sunrise Choan Galvez

Lazy Sunrise – Solo Ukulele Arrangement

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Choan Galvez is back with another fantastic solo ukulele arrangement.

Regular readers of Ukulele Go will remember Choan’s other arrangements Salt Del Grill and Nana Para Eva (if you haven’t checked them out, it’s definitely worth a look).

Lazy Sunrise is a beautiful, delicate, fingerpicked song which I absolutely loved from the minute I heard it and it gets better with every listen. You can listen to Choan playing through it below.

Lazy Sunrise – Choan Galvez

The Tab

Here’s the tab (for the full PDF version of the tab, hit the button at the bottom of this page).

Lazy Sunrise Tab
Lazy Sunrise Tab

Over to Choan for some playing tips…

Choan Galvez’s Playing Tips

Get your thumb, index and middle plucking fingers ready! In most of the piece the melody is played on the third string, while the harmony is arpeggiated over the first and second – I’ve indicated the suggested fingering in the first measure. From bar 25 onwards, the melody is played on the A string – again, I’ve included suggested finger strokes.

While I’ve indicated positions for the fretting hand, I’ve opted for leaving out the exact fingerings, as there are many available good alternatives and what works for me won’t necessarily works for you. But, hey, I have some tips:

  • Most of the measures use a fixed grip, it may be interesting to play the chord changes before working on the arpeggios
  • There are a couple of grips that appear frequently, check the G7sus4 form (actually a F-7) in bars 5, 7, 13, 14, 21, and 23.
  • The G7 form appears in a variety of positions (and functions). See bars 6, 10, 15, 16, and 22. From bar 15 to 16 you just need to shift down the grip by one fret.

Rhythmically, you can add some rallentando towards the end of each phrase. Remember to emphasize the melody notes.

Lazy Sunrise Tab PDF

50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele

Lazy Sunrise is part of Choan Galvez’s 50 Miniature Studies for Ukulele. Every week Choan has been releasing two videos (one on a Wednesday and another on a Friday). The videos can be found on his Instagram, Youtube and Facebook channels. If you like the studies and would like to learn to play them you can contribute to Choan’s Patreon page.

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