Ukulele Reviews

I really like playing different ukuleles and writing up my thoughts. Typically my ukulele reviews are ukuleles that are at the cheaper end of the market but I’m open to review anything really (assuming I can afford to buy it). If you’ve got a product that you’d like me to take a look at, then please get in touch!

Recommended Ukuleles

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iuke sopranino

iUke Sopranino Ukulele Review

I’d wanted a sopranino ukulele ever since I first saw one, I figured it’s portability would make it a great companion for me when I’m away from home. The iUke sopranino clocks in at around £60 (I’m haven’t seen anywhere in the US stocking them yet). For your money, you get a solid topped instrument with Aquila strings and a pretty nice padded gig bag. Here’s my thoughts after owning one for the past few months…

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Paracord Hangers

Paracord Ukulele Hangers Review

What’s great about the ukulele is that it’s so damn handy, I can pretty much keep it by my side 24/7 – well that is unless my wife decides to move it to some place where I can’t find it and I have to go hunting it down (maybe she’s doing it on purpose!). So I guess you could say it’s a good idea to give them some place where you can put them and know that they’ll always be there when you want them. Continue reading