The Best Ukulele Tuners

A tuner is a bit of a necessity if you’re a ukulele player. They’re inexpensive, easy to use and usually pretty accurate. I highly recommend that all beginners grab themselves a clip-on tuner but they’re also pretty useful to have around whether you’re a gigging musician or just enjoy playing at home. Continue reading

Find Your Local Ukulele Group

The Ukulele Group Map

I’ve recently been working on a mapping tool to help people find their local ukulele group. It’s early days yet and you can see that it needs a lot more content adding but it’s a good starting point and I’m hoping that the readers of Ukulele Go will help me out a little…

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Ukulele Straps

There’s no denying that playing a ukulele whilst standing up can be pretty difficult. You have to be able to support the instrument and also leave both hands free enough to take care of their duties. For that reason quite a few players turn to using a strap to help them out. The beauty of a ukulele a strap is that it allows your to focus entirely on making music rather than worrying about supporting your ukulele.

I thought it would be worth looking at the different options that players have when it comes to ukulele straps…

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Eat My Uke

Eat My Uke

Youtube user EatMyUke has been playing his way through his top 50 albums of all time on ukulele. So far he’s done amazing versions of Definitely Maybe, OK Computer, Blurryface, Appetite for Destruction and a whole load more. I got in touch with Stan (Eat My Uke) and he very kindly agreed to let me post some of his tabs here for the readers of Ukulele Go…

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best ukuleles for beginners

Best Ukuleles for Beginners

Chances are that you’ve landed on this page as you’re thinking about buying a ukulele and you don’t know that much about them. Hopefully the advice on this page will help guide you and help you make an informed decision. Read on for some tips and some of the buys that I think represent the best ukuleles for beginners. Continue reading