From time to time I’m lucky enough to interview people that make a living with the ukulele. Whether they’re players, luthiers or something completely different it always makes for interesting reading!

Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman Interview

It’s pretty much impossible to have had any exposure to the ukulele without encountering Phil Doleman. He’s played every major ukulele festival, appeared in magazines, taught workshops, written columns and a whole lot more. Phil  has had huge impact on the world of ukulele with his distinct voice and melodic jazz sound. Phil took some time out of his hectic schedule and answered a few questions…

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Mersey Belles Logo

Mersey Belles Interview

The Mersey Belles, also known as cousins Nancy and Pearl are making waves with their ukuleles. Their unique act sees them beautifully performing classic songs from the 20s through to the 50s with an alternative spin on a few modern hits in there too. They made waves at The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in 2014 and look set to have another big year in 2015.

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Zoe Bestel Ukulele

Zoe Bestel Interview

Zoë Bestel is a singer/songwriter from Dumfries and Galloway who is never far away from her ukulele. Her debut album Sir Lucas & The Moon, released in April 2014 is filled with poetic songs that are both beautifully delicate and intricately weaved with gorgeous harmonies. Add to that a string of successful festival performances last summer and things are looking pretty damn good for Zoë… Continue reading