5 Ukuleles To Take On Vacation/Holiday

It’s that time of year when we all head off to somewhere else and forget about the world for a week or so. Bliss. Wait a minute though, what if you still want to annoy everyone around you with your ukulele whilst you’re away? Here’s 5 of the best ukuleles to take with you on your travels…

Makala Waterman


Kala got in on the plastic soprano ukulele action recently with the launch of their plastic Waterman range. Much like other polycarbonate ukes it has an injection moulded fretboard with a zero fret to aid intonation. Comes in a range of colours – strung with Aquila Super Nylgut (what else?) and a pretty snazzy backpack to carry it around in. Costs around $50. Check out my review of the Makala Waterman.

Makala Waterman on Amazon

Woodi Carbon Fiber Ukulele


woodi soprano

Woodi’s carbon fiber soprano ukulele goes directly up against the Makala Waterman in terms of price. The Woodi comes in a wider range of colour and pattern options though. Once you change the strings on the Woodi it becomes a decent instrument in it’s own right. Costs around $50 but factor in the price of some better strings.

Buy Woodi Ukulele

Outdoor Ukulele


The soprano outdoor ukulele has had it’s fair share of critics since it’s arrival but I personally think that’s a little harsh. The outdoor uke is supposed to be a robust take-anywhere ukulele that will always be by your side – you should expect a little bit of compromise on sound for that. At $100 it’s certainly more expensive than some of the other plastic ukuleles that are currently available but you do get Grover tuners and D’Addario strings with it. EDIT: I reviewed the Outdoor Ukulele Tenor and I liked it a lot.

Outdoor Ukulele

BugsGear Aqulele


Bugsgear’s Aqulele with it’s trademark off-centre soundhole is another all plastic soprano offering. The early version came with a very high action but Bugsgear went back to the drawing board and fixed that. Not entirely sure what the strings are on the Aqulele, I’ve not been able to get to the bottom of this. Like all things Bugsgear, it’s got a bit of a funky look going on. Currently priced at around $50.

Bugsgear Aqulele


iuke sopranino

The most expensive ukulele in this list at £60, and also the only non-plastic one too. The iUke makes a great travel instrument on it’s sheer size alone, it’s tiny. Leave that spare pair of shoes out of your suitcase and it should fit in just nicely. It has a solid top with Aquila strings. It’s a little shrill being an octave higher than a soprano but it’s perfectly playable. Read the full iUke review here.

iUke from Amazon

So there you have it, 5 ukuleles to take on vacation/holiday. I have to admit I’ve not played all these ukuleles but I have heard numerous audio clips of them all. Taking that into account and factoring in size, price and durability I’d be very tempted by the Waterman. Now you better get that suitcase packed!

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8 thoughts on “5 Ukuleles To Take On Vacation/Holiday

  1. Damn sight better than the Outdoor one – that is a total dogs dinner. I’d add a Woodi brand to the list too.

    Personally though, I always take a Flea – light, small, pretty much bombproof and sounds superb.

    1. I’m wondering if Outdoor Ukulele have made a few changes recently. From what I remember, they didn’t used to come with Grover tuners. I heard a blind test of around 5 plastic ukuleles recently somewhere on YouTube, whilst the Outdoor was probably the weakest in terms of sound, it wasn’t as bad as some of the previous samples I’ve heard of them.

      I considered the Flea but left it off on price, you’re right though they are great – I’ve only briefly played one but I really liked it.

      Also good shout on the Woodi!

  2. What about the RISA “stick” Ukulele – ok it’s a lot more expensive at around £160-£210 ( but it’s (supposedly) very solid & robust, very quiet (if not plugged in) and smaller than the corresponding models – I seem to recall that the RISA stick tenor is about the same size overall as a standard soprano.

    *When* I’ve finally managed to save up for the tenor model – this would be *my* goto Uke for takeaways and holiday!

    Note : Hey RISA / SUS – if your reading this and want to “lend me a tenor” for the summer then I’d happily sing it’s praises all over the internet! 🙂

    1. That’s a great shout Jon, I hear nothing but good things about Risa sticks. Initially I was trying to keep the post centred around plastic ukuleles and threw the iUke in as a bit of a wildcard, but you’re right it’s size, volume and quality make it a good option.

  3. They all look like fun ukes but I’m certain I would choose an itsybitsyuke. Its not in the choice of five which if you did take away with you, you’d have to pack into your suitcase.

    I’d choose an Itsybitsyuke because they are:
    Small in size…
    Big on noise…
    MASSIVE fun…
    And it fits into your coat pocket.

    Curious then type itsybitsyuke into Youtube.



  4. Latest update… I’d take the ItsyBitsyUke Small Body model on holiday because it’s gone micro, doesn’t look massive compared to other microukes and is:

    Even Smaller in Size…
    BIG on Noise…
    MASSIVE Fun…
    And it now fits into a smaller pocket…

    Never leave home without it…




    1. Hey Baz, Flea never came to mind when I wrote this – seems a bit of a glaring mistake now you mention it!

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